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Resistance Welding

Established in 1997, ProSpot is a leading supplier of resistance welding machinery and consumables. Employing 42 highly skilled staff who operate from a 16,000 sq ft factory based in Tamworth, UK, the company specialises in resistance welding consumables and bespoke welding systems, as well as offering an extensive range of quality standard machines, including spot welding machines, spares, after-sales service and training.

With the ability to design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of products from single special electrodes to fully automated robot assembly cells, ProSpot excels at providing customers with cost-effective solutions to their resistance welding and joining needs.

ProSpot is the newest member of MTI’s European Subsidiary Group and the company also owns the Meritus brand, one of the oldest British machine manufacturers, in addition to micro bench welding company Hirst, Holden & Hunt Ltd. 

Our Processes

Engineering can be complicated but implementing solutions into your business need not be. With over 75 years experience in resistance welding technology, ProSpot will work with you to thoroughly evaluate your project before providing the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Whether that’s building a bespoke spot welding machine, or just helping you make a part better, anything is possible and as we are one of the few welding companies who offer friction, resistance and arc welding, together with consumables and spares, we are perfectly equipped to see your project right through from concept to completion with a guarantee it will be delivered on time, on spec and on budget.

We are also proud to offer first class spot weldersrobotic automation and linear automation capabilities, as well as a fantastic range of machine spares, Cap adaptors, welding controls, ceramic welding pins and more.

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