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Robot Arc welding cells

Robotic arc welding can bring major advantages in terms of productivity, quality and labour. This means higher profitability for companies that invest as they find it easier to compete in a market that has become global

We can supply all major robot brands, ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman etc within complete turn key Integrated welding Cells or Solutions

A robot typically works between two or more work stations. This means that during the robot welding cycle the operator is unloading a welded assembly and then loads new components to a welding fixture. Because there is less handling compared to a manual weld cycle the robot achieves much higher levels of arc-on time. The robot also moves very quickly between the joints and this yields a further saving in cycle time. Typically a robot system will increase output by a factor of two to four. This depends on the nature of welding. An assembly with lots of short welds can be produced with the most time savings. 

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Improved quality

Automated joining systems can help you ensure your product quality remains at the highest standards your customers have come to expect. Automation doesn’t tire during the day, doesn’t lose concentration and doesn’t make mistakes. Automation reduces damage or breakages due to incorrect handling.


Reducing the unit manufacturing cost by producing more with lower operating costs. Increasing the yield you produce for a given resource by ensuring consistency of process and quality. Ensuring utilisation of other equipment, such as machine tools, is maximised by reducing load/unload times. Removing the need for human intervention in the more mundane and repetitive tasks in manufacturing.


With quality and productivity as foundations for your business, and customers demanding superior products, implementing an automated joining solution or system may determine whether a company remains competitive. Automated processes result in less material waste and less rework, so improving the yield


Operating in harsher conditions than humans reduces the need to condition environments to the same degree. Space requirements can be minimalised, providing more compact facilities or producing more output from existing resources. Reductions in waste and rework reduces the energy used.

Employee Performance

Using automation in hazardous areas and for dangerous operations, not only reduces the risk of accident but can also improve performance. Undertaking highly repetitive tasks, leaving the more skilled activities to humans, improves their job satisfaction. Freeing employees to work on other tasks which make better use of their capabilities and can provide a better return against their costs.

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