Nut Stud & Bolt Feeder Systems

Offering high performance and accuracy in resistance welding, ProSpot's automatic Serra Nut Feeders & Stud Bolt Feeders allow for feeding both single or double fastners. The High Performance Nut Feeder can weld up to 30 nuts per minute and the Automatic Stud Feeder can also weld up to 30 bolts per minute and has the added advantage of low noise.

Clients can also benefit from installing ProSpot's innovative Nut Cecking System which improves welding quality whilst reducing customer complaints. ProSpot also carries a varied range of 13mm ISO cap electrodes with different nose configurations, in three different types of materials.

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Serra Automatic Nut Feeder

• High performance and accuracy in
resistance welding.
• Up to 30 nuts per minute.
• Single or dual feeding.
• Top cover for low noise and high protection.

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Serra Automatic Stud Feeder

Feeding Capacity: up to 30 bolts per
• Single or Dual feeding.
• Top cover for low noice and high
• Control cabinet allow future upgrades.
• CE

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Nut Checking System

• Prevents welding the wrong nut.
• Prevents welding upside down nuts.
• Detects missing nuts.
• Detects missing workpiece.
• Detects double workpiece under nut.

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