Prospot are able to supply and fit a range of welding controllers for resistance welding machines.

Welding Controls

With the ability to design and fit a wide range of welding controls for all resistance welding machines, it is assured ProSpot can help you meet your production needs. Whether it's control of time functions and welding parameters you require, or features such as proportional valve control and ethernet connectivity, ProSpot stock a range of the latest market-leading controls, all designed to help increase productivity. Alternatively ProSpot can work with you to design bespoke controls that are completely tailored to your manufacturing requirements. 

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Serratron 1B

Up to 217 weld programs and Ethernet Connectivity

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Micro 8 Welding Control

Spot, Projection, Butt & Seam Weld Control

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Serratron 100C Weld Controller

Spot, projection and seam welding.
• Up to 4 inverters & up to 4 weld guns

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Serratron MFC-3000

Weld spot quality assurance system
(WISE System ®)
• Crucial reduction of transformer weight and volume.

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