Resistance welding joins metals together using a combination of pressure and heat generated by an electrical current.

Training Courses

ProSpot offers a range of resistance welding courses which take place at our facility in Tamworth where customised training can be arranged to suit particular needs and as we are a flexible training provider we are able to match courses to suit personel, company or industry requirements. 
Our courses and examinations are designed to service all key industry sectors and as our expanding portfolio of courses and certification schemes are constantly reviewed and taught by qualified expert engineers, we maintain our position as leading training course providers in the resistance welding field. Also on offer are friction welding courses supplied by our sister company MTI. 

Module 1.

A course specifically designed for production operators and line inspection personnel. This module includes resistance welding principles &
methods (basic), operator health & safety, electrode dressing, changing & cooling. Good workshop practices TPM for weld station, jigs &
Welding coated & high strength steels,BS.EN.ISO standards, Inspection & testing resistance welds.
Ref: EN ISO 145541-1 & 2:2000 Para 6.2 (5-6 hrs) up to 8 people.

Module 2.

A course designed for Technicians, Engineers & Quality personnel, production supervision would also benefit. This module includes resistance welding, principles, methods (technical level), standards & quality control. Health & safety TPM & PPM are also included.
Coated & high strength steels, BS.EN.ISO standards, inspection and testing of resistance welds. Practical problems can be addressed
whilst on site.
Ref: EN ISO 145541-1 & 2 Para 6.1 (7-8 hrs) up to 8 people.

Module 3.

A course designed for Technicians, Manufacturing, commissioning & prototype build engineers. This module covers resistance welding (as mod 2) at a technical level, machine set up and try out, standard & non-standard tooling. BS EN ISO standards. Equipment manufacturers & suppliers. Weld quality control, equipment maintenance, TPM/PPM, health & safety and product liability.

This module does include some practical work.

Ref: EN ISO 145541-1 & 2 Para 6.1 (two days). Up to 6 people. Demonstration machine must be available.

Module 4.

A course designed for personnel responsible for setting up and monitoring resistance welding plant & equipment on robotic, multi-weld & manual operations on a daily basis.

Resistance welding and methods at a technical level, machine set up & try out, standard & nonstandard tooling, BS.EN.ISO standards, TPM/PPM, health & safety, quality control, product liability. This module has a high level of practical content.

Ref: EN ISO 145541-1 & 2 Para 6.3 (two days) up to 6 people, working in pairs, machine availability is critical.

Module 5.

Weld Engineering Consultancy. We are able to supply an engineer with a wealth of expertise in resistance welding processes within the automotive and sheet metal industries, who can give support for the following areas:- Manufacturing & production engineering, quality & conformance engineering, maintenance engineering.

Normative references:-

EN ISO 14554-1:2001 Quality requirements for welding-

Resistance welding of metallic materials-

Part 1: Comprehensive quality requirements.

Part 2: Elementary quality requirements.


Course Notes: –

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Friction welding training courses are also offered by our sister company MTI.


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